For most people gambling is a recreational thing that is more a perk for a vacation than the reason. The shimmering lights and party like atmosphere usually is enough to get the average person to go to the casino. Casinos have become one of the most popular vacation destinations for families, individuals, friends, and couples. The amount of different commodities, attractions and entertainment is enough to get anyone curious and even excited. Casinos are one of the biggest contributors to national tourism whether they are American or international. They are also a major player economically as far the jobs that they create. On the other hand casinos aren? just for those that are trying to get away from the office or there children for a little while, there is also an entire community of professionals that take things a lot more serious than that. For some people places like Vegas is the office, it is where they earn there living and define themselves as human beings. There are a growing number of people that are turning to gambling as there profession as risky as it seems to some of us. Don? be fooled it is not just something where just anyone can pick up gambling books?nd become the next World Series of Poker champion.

Professional Poker

Poker has been on the rise for many years now becoming more and more popular over the years. These days poker is a household term and too many people so are the names of the big players. Up until the last several years?poker was a much smaller sport, receiving very little media exposure outside of its tight knit community and Vegas. Now it is normal to catch professional poker tournaments on television and not just satellite TV or something of that nature. The most notable professional poker tournament is the World Series of Poker. Since its inception in 1970 with only 6 participants the tournament has grown into an internationally recognized event being covered in most major cities around the world. Nowadays there are thousands upon thousands of applicants vying for the grand prize and poker glory. Not only is this game starting to be taken seriously it also many positive side effects. Most obviously for the professionals that play it. Due to the universal acceptance it has become in most countries a tax deductible business. There have been a few landmark court cases in the US and abroad that have made way for poker players to be recognized as self employed businesses making much more plausible for one to make there living that way. Also there is much industry surrounding the game that is thriving due to the popularity it has on each new generation of players. Whether it is gambling books?nd movies on poker strategies or the ample amount of websites that offer online games and tips poker has created a spin off industry that is very successful.

Online Gambling

One of the front runners in gambling these days are the websites that are so easily accessible to anyone. These sites make millions and millions of dollars a year based on both professional and amateur games and tournaments. These sites are viewed by those in the professional poker business as being an excellent way for young punters to grow up with the game and learn to love it. Many feel that the popularity of sports among young people is due to the strong infrastructure that youth and amateur leagues maintain. This is the sort of model that the poker industry is going after. Now that there are professionals that the average can see and watch the only thing left was to develop an infrastructure for those fans to get involved in the games at a young age like with sports. With these websites being so popular it seems as though they have achieved this. Having said that there a few hurtles left to tackle but nothing these people can? handle. You see to some the game is still viewed as a luck thing, although any professional would disagree, this creates a bit of a barrier when it comes to young people. If people still believe that it is just gambling, than they are less apt to get involved at a young age and more as a profession. In the UK poker is legally viewed as a game of luck and is not tax deductible the way it is in America. Which sounds great right? No tax. But that also makes it very difficult for someone who is playing professionally, they can not write of there expenses or losses the way a business would in any degree.


Poker will always be viewed as a game of gambling but the question is, when it will be accepted universally as a sport. Gambling books?ill always be useful to you punters but there is nothing like getting out there and doing it. With the amount of excellent poker sites both paid for and free there is always an opportunity for anyone to get involved.

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