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Gambling has evolved quite a lot over the years going from private entertainment venues to what we know these days, huge entertainment and gaming destinations. Some say gambling is as old as organized societies well back of 2000 BC. What started out as very simple versions of a gambling game have now become a multitude of detailed and quite popular games. Games like poker and Blackjack all had more simplified predecessors. The games are played in and out of casinos all over the world sometimes even completely different versions of the same game depending on what country you are in the world. Most people think of Las Vegas when it comes to betting and gambling but there are tons of excellent destinations around the world that are almost as well known and definitely just as illustrious. Places like Monaco with the Monte Carlo Casino and places in the UK and in Macau. Many of the games that are played in American casino originally came from Europe and have been adapted for English speaking players, as well the names being changed.

The Early Days: Americas Casinos

In the early days Americas casinos were more like pubs or saloons found in the southern part of the country. These were places that travelers could stop meet the locals and rest for a little bit before moving on. They also tried there hand at gambling to earn a little cash for the trip. This went on for many years until the middle of the 20 century or so when gambling and betting was criminalized. Now due to the era there were many underground betting operations going on that just couldn? bear losing the profits that the punters brought them. So it is no wonder that on the 1930? gambling was re ?nstated and legalized in the state that I? sure you guessed, Nevada. Many pressures were put on the powers that be by what were soon to be the initial members of the gaming commission to legalize the practice with regulation which in turn benefited the state and the government. America realized early on that something as simples as a gambling game can make an entire country a lot of money and in turn a lot of power. Later other regions of the country were legalized and made into gambling centers. America? now second most popular gambling area Atlantic City in New Jersey lifted the bans in 1978 with places like Mississippi and Biloxi doing the same soon after. This made way for a whole new era of gambling and casino games to be implemented.

Casino Games

A gambling game is really made up of 1 simple premise: risking money on a game with several possible outcomes. These games have come along way and others have died off over the years leaving only the ones that both the casinos can be profitable with and the ones that the players love to play. Gambling games come in all shapes and sizes as well as there being ones that are considered to be casino games and those that aren?. First we will talk about non-casino played gambling games. Non-casino gambling games are those that are usually found at the corner store regulated by government involvement in some way or another most of which falling into the lottery category. Things like scratch cards and random number lotteries are among the most popular non-casino gambling games. Other non-casino games like coin tossing actually makes an appearance in Australian casinos so the list isn? always definite. Next is casino gambling games most these you are already familiar with they fall into the card game category and the table game category for the most part. Games like Blackjack and poker as well as roulette and craps are some of the most popular casino games, most of which have a European or Asian counterpart, or something along those lines, which is essentially the same. Most notably is Blackjack, its counterpart would be Spanish 21. They are just about identical in the way they are played it just depends where you are playing them.


Whether you are a professional gambler or just a recreational one there is always a game for you. Most of them are quite to learn and extremely difficult to master. Either way you look at it the casinos are excellent vacation destinations whether gambling is your thing or not. The most important part is to remember your limits, have some kind of ceiling that will make it so you gamble responsibly and not get in deeper than you can both afford and handle. With the vast amount of money you can win at a gambling game out there, ranging in skill level and detail, try to choose something that you may have a natural fell for. If you play a lot of cards than when it comes to gambling those games might easier to get head around initially.

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