SportsBetting on the Super Bowl | Sports Betting Tips & Advice for Beginners
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This video, Super Bowl Betting for Beginners, is intended for those relatively new to sports betting. ParlayDoc breaks down what the most common bets are, explains common betting vocabulary, and shows you concrete examples so you will feel comfortable enough to place some Super Bowl bets after viewing.

We go through picks & predictions for the 2022 Super Bowl: Los Angeles Rams at Cincinnati Bengals. We go through the best betting picks & sharp bets for the big game on 2/13. We also discuss NFL odds & betting lines.

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Moneyline bets for beginning sports bettors: A moneyline bet is basically picking the winner. The minus symbol, ( – ) signifies who oddsmakers think will win the game, the “favorite”. The Super Bowl is between the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals. The Los Angeles Rams are favored to win, so their odds are at -198, which means you must bet $198 to profit $100. The Cincinnati Bengals are considered underdogs, or not expected to win the Super Bowl. Underdogs are represented by a plus, (+) symbol. The odds for the Cincinnati Bengals are +166, which means you must bet $100 to profit $166. Sportsbooks balance out the action by paying a higher payout for the underdog. The moneyline is picking the winner. The favorite with – odds pays out less. The underdog with + odds pays out a bigger return.

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Spread bets for beginner sports bettors: The current spread for the Los Angeles Rams is -4. This means the LA Rams must win by more than 4. The odds for the spread are -112, so you have to bet $112 to profit $100. The spread for the Cincinnati Bengals is +4. This means the Bengals cannot lose by more than 4.The odds for the spread are -108, so you have to bet $108 to win $100. What if the Rams win by 4 and the Bengals lose by 4? If this were to happen, then it is called a push, where neither bet would win or lose. You would receive a refund.

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Total bets for beginning sports bettors: You are predicting the final score of the game. You are predicting if the game will go Over or Under the total numbers the sportsbooks are showing you. The current line or predicted score for the LA Rams and Cincinnati Bengals is 48.5. If you make this bet, you have to decide if it’s going to go over the total score of 48.5 or under 48.5. The odds for either side are currently -110, so you have to bet $110 to profit $100.

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Prop bets for beginning sports bettors: The most common type of prop bets are player prop bets. Player prop bets are tied to a single statistic over the course of the game or specific actions that a player will or won’t do in the game. Cooper Kupp’s line is 104.5 receiving yards. You can bet that he will get over or under those receiving yards. Another popular prop bet is the anytime touchdown scorer bet. It is a bet on who is going to score a touchdown during the game. Remember – odds are most likely to score a TD, so less profit and + odds are unlikely to score with more profit. Cooper Kupp is a touchdown and receiving powerhouse at -190 odds for receiving yards and anytime touchdown scorer. Matthew Stafford is unlikely to score touchdowns, so his odd are +600. There are a wide variety of player props to bet on, from the coin flip, to how long or short the national anthem will be, to the color of gatorade poured on the coach and so much more.

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