EntertainmentThe Rules Every Hells Angel Has To Follow

The Hells Angels were the most infamous motorcycle club of the 20th century, and the organization is still kicking to this day. So fascinating was the organization to members of conventional society that it has become the blueprint of the “biker gang” trope in pop culture. But the club is very much a reality all its own, with rules and history that departs from the Hollywood myth. Of course, Hells Angels’ reputation didn’t appear out of nowhere, and there is some reality to the stereotypes that have emerged over the years. We’ll try to separate the reality from the reputation. These are the rules every Hells Angel has to follow.

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Warriors | 0:00
Voted in | 1:20
Dress code | 2:16
Backing their brothers | 3:14
Code of silence | 4:11
In order | 5:08
No cops allowed | 6:11
Snitches get stitches | 6:55
Members for life | 7:37
No press | 8:46
No girls allowed | 9:25
No hard drugs | 10:07

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